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Become a pilot

Pilot training

Gower Flight Centre offers the most affordable flight training in South West Wales.  Lessons in our award winning Ikarus C42 are just £125 an hour, with a discount of £5 per hour if you block book five lessons and £10 an hour if you block book ten lessons.


You can obtain your licence in as little as 25 hours.  With unrestricted airspace around the airport and the stunning views of Gower, Swansea is a great place to learn to fly.  Our instructors have thousands of hours experience between them and are regularly tested to make sure that they teach to the highest standard.


We follow the syllabus set by the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) We begin with exercises that teach you how to manoeuvre the aircraft through the sky, and once that is mastered, we move on to taking off and landing.  Once you can consistently land and take off competently, then you're on your own!  You'll need to build up ten hours solo time. Whilst hour building, we'll jump back in with you, teaching you some of the more advanced manoeuvres and how to navigate, before sending you off on two solo cross country navigation flights, where you land at other airports.  


Once the syllabus is complete, you'll have to sit a skills test to show an examiner you can fly safely and competently.  You'll also have to have completed five ground school exams, which we help you through.


When you have your licence, you can hire our planes and take up your own passengers.  Our planes have great availability and offer the most affordable way of flying. You can even go on to upgrade your licence to fly bigger planes if you wish, we'll be more than happy to give information on this process.



Designed and manufactured in Germany by Comco, the Ikarus C42 is the most popular training aircraft in the UK thanks to its excellent safety record, good glide ratio, short landing capabilities and overall ease to fly.


  • Seats - 2

  • Cruise speed - 70 kts

  • Climb rate per min - 1050 ft

  • Range - 375 miles

  • Take off distance - 80m

  • Landing distance - 150m

  • MTOW - 450 KG

Our aircraft

Ikarus C42

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