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Frequently Asked Questions


How easy is the plane to get into?


Very! The Ikarus is probably the easiest small aircraft to get into.  The Ikarus has two large, wide opening doors giving you easy access to the plane.  You don't have to climb up onto a wing, lower yourself into into the cockpit, or having to wriggle across other seats to get in like a lot of other small aircraft.  


When are you open?


We are usually open seven days a week 09.00 - 17.30 all year round. We sometimes take the odd day off, close for a few days over Christmas and New Year and the odd week in January.


Where is your office?


We're based in Swansea Airport.  Come into the main carpark and we're based in a white portacabin on the left.  Go through the red gate to get to us.


Is there an age limit?


Unfortunately, we can't fly anyone younger than the age of 14.  There is no upper age limit.


Is there a weight limit?


Yes, the plane has a seat limit of 18 stone, so you have to be within this limit.


Do I need to bring anything on the day?


Just your voucher. We recommend you also bring a camera/phone to take some photos of the amazing views.


What should I wear? Is it cold?


Just wear comfy clothes that you normally wear for the weather conditions on the day.  It does get slightly colder the higher we go, but plane has both cabin heating and ventilation to make your flight more comfortable.


Do I need sun glasses?


Up to you! It sometimes gets bright, but we can steer away from the sun to keep it out of our eyes.


I'm a nervous flyer, should I be worried?


No! We often take up passengers on their first ever flight, who have the time of their lives. Our planes are very stable and fly smoothly. We do our best to make you feel comfortable - if at any point you don't, just let us know. 


Do I get to fly the plane?


Yes! As soon as we're airborne, clear of traffic and in smooth air you will be given control of the plane.


What if I don't want to fly the plane?


No worries, we'll fly the entire flight and you can enjoy the view.  If you change your mind, just let us know.


What if the weather is bad on the day?


If the weather is looking bad, we will call you on the morning of your flight to let you know. We make this judgement by using specialist aviation forecasts and observing the weather at the airport. Don't forget the weather varies greatly in different locations. We cancel flights to ensure your safety and enjoyment. If we have to cancel your flight, we'll try to re-book while we're on the phone with you. If we can't do so, the onus is on you to re-book and keep your voucher valid. 


What weather can't you fly in?


We can't fly in strong winds or poor visibility.


What if I need to cancel?


We need at least 48 hours notice, otherwise you lose your flight.


I tried calling you and there was no answer.


Keep trying or leave us an answerphone message, we were probably in the air so couldn't answer the phone.  We always return calls but never leave answerphone messages for you as we don't want to spoil a surprise flight you may be plannng for somebody.


How many seats does the plane have?


The plane has two seats, one for a passenger and the other for the pilot.


How experienced are your pilots?


Very! They have thousands of hours flying experience between them and sit regular tests to ensure their flying is safe and competent.


When shall I turn up?


We recommend at least ten minutes before your flight time. Make sure you arrive on time, if you are late we may have to deduct this time from your flight length as it affects the rest of our day's schedule.


Can I bring my camera/phone to take photos?


Of course! All we ask is you keep a safe hold of your camera/phone at all times.


Can I chose my route?


It depends. We try to cater for customer's requests, but we sometimes can't due to airspace restrictions, weather or time constraints.


What if my voucher expires?


Your voucher can be extended, but it is subject to an administration charge.


I loved my trial flight and would now like to have some lessons so what should I do next?


Give us a call and book back in! Your trial flight goes towards the minimum flight hours for your licence, so you're already on the way!


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